Characteristic Feature Of Stroke

Characteristic Feature Of Stroke

In this occasion we will discuss about the characteristic feature of early stroke following information :

strokeqqHandwriting is individual style of writing. When any person writes any letter, firstly the image of letter is cause in his mind and person tried to write this duplicate image of letter with the help of materials and hand muscles because our muscles control by the brain which guide the formation of letter and each vibration of movement is unconsciously affect the writer. In this study an attempt is made to differentiate the left handed and right handed writer by the horizontal stroke and the direction of slope. This is assumed that the Right Handed writers make strokes from left-to-right and Left Handed writers make strokes from right-to-left. The Right Handed writing and LH writing are differentiating by other characters like slope [1,2]. This slope can be examined in only cursive writing. The Right Handed writers makes forward slope and Left Handed writers makes backward slope. In the document cases document examiner eliminate many suspects with the help of this technique. The role of probabilities of handwriting characteristics was recognized over a hundred years ago. However their use in court testimony is not currently feasible due to the complexity of the problem. There have been very few efforts to characterize the statistical characteristics of such features, a notable one being [3]. On the other hand there have been efforts to compute features automatically but the features tend to be gross approximations of the characteristics employed or the features do not correspond to human determined characteristics at all.

Total 100 HW samples were collected for this study, 50 were left- handed writing and 50 were right-handed writing. The collected HW samples were examined by various type of optical instrument such as stereoscopic microscope, hand lens, flexible arm illuminated magnifier and grid scale. The HW samples of LH writing and RH writing was observed for the characteristic features like strokes and Slope. Direction of stroke was examine in which letters having cross bar like t, f, A, I, E, F has a significant degree of variation in their formation among the LH writer and RH writer, its been presumed from that the LH writer makes the horizontal stroke in R-to-L direction in contrast to the RH writerwho write in L-to-R direction. The theory was postulated on hypothesis and was proved by statistical analysis. The slope was examined in only  cursive writing. For the purpose of this study six letters was selected like t, l, d, f, g and y. For the measurement of direction of slope a base line was draw in the bottom of letter and then letter was divided by the vertical line and measure the direction of slope with the help of grid. The RH writers makes forward slope and LH writers makes backward slope.
Results and Discussion
The results are given in detail from Tables 1-4. It is remembered that the fundamental question behind this project are: “What % of LH writers and what % of RH writers on the basis of direction of strokes and slope?’’
The results reported here in from Tables 1-4 long with the related Figures 1-6 emphasizes on the difference between left-handed writer and right-handed writer it shows that the left-handed writer made strokes in right-to-left direction and the slope of letters has an inclination in  backward direction where as right-handed writer made stokes in left- to-right direction and the inclination of slope was in forward direction. These data of samples were checked by Statistical-Analysis. Significant P-value supported the hypothesis that there is significant difference in HW of LH writer and RH writer. Statistical study using various methods to calculate the probabilities of nearly 1500 writing styles of “and” were
determined and tabulated by Srihari and Ball [4], and suggested scope of further research in statistical analysis of handwriting
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