How To Prevent Breast Cancer

How To Prevent Breast Cancer

How to prevent breast cancer > Cancer of the breast is one of the most frequent diseases that affects women. A little awareness goes a long way in terms of protection, while early diagnosis of breast cancer can even save your life. If youre concerned about breast cancer, channel that concern into some preventative steps that you can take to lower your risk of contracting it. Read on for a discussion of tangible steps that you can take to do just that.

how to prevent breast cancerThings To ( Generally ) Avoid :

  • Limit your alcohol intake. Unfortunately, there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. Recent studies have found that even having a single drink per day puts women at significantly higher risk of breast cancer than those who dont drink alcohol. You dont have to cut alcohol out of your lifestyle if you dont want to, but be aware that it could significantly impact your likelihood of getting breast cancer.
  • Stay away from smoking. Smoking significantly raises your risk of breast and other cancer. Smoking is incompatible with a healthy lifestyle. If youre serious about reducing your risk of breast cancer, try quitting smoking (if applicable).
  • Consider ending hormone therapy (if you are using it to treat symptoms of menopause). Talk to your doctor about alternate therapies, as women who are in combination hormone therapy for three to five years are at a higher risk of breast cancer than women who arent.
  • Limit exposure to radiation and pollution. Some medical-imaging methods, especially those that expose patients to radiation, have been linked to breast cancer in women. Limit your exposure by only getting medical-imaging methods when absolutely necessary. Pollutants such as gasoline and exhaust fumes may also be linked cancer in addition to being hazardous to your general health.

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